Injunction Hearings


You’ve just been served with a temporary injunction that prohibits you from having any contact with the person who asked for it ( the “petitioner”). Within 15 days a Circuit Court judge will decide whether to enter a permanent injunction against you. What do you do now? Call me today and we will discuss the best way to defend against this petition.

Before a Judge can enter a permanent injunction, he/she must hold a hearing to determine if there is a need for an injunction to be entered. At this hearing, I will be entitled to cross examine the Petitioner and challenge the evidence being used against you. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to testify and explain your side as well as present any witnesses or evidence you want the Judge to consider.

Although at this point the very last thing you likely want is to have contact with petitioner, merely having an injunction in place can result in serious disadvantages to you. You will be required to surrender any firearms in your possession, you might be forced to leave your home even if you are the sole owner, or might be required to undergo extensive counseling or anger management. All too often as well the injunction is used as a “sword” rather than a “shield”. That is to say, the person claiming to be in fear and needing protection from you ends up using the power of the injunction to make your life miserable.

The potential problems that can accompany having an injunction against you are numerous. Call me today to schedule a free consultation on your case

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